(Figure 2) Proxy records of sediment core GeoB6007-2, supplement to: Bamberg, Audrey; Rosenthal, Yair; Paul, André; Heslop, David; Mulitza, Stefan; Rühlemann, Carsten; Schulz, Michael (2010): Reduced North Atlantic Central Water formation in response to early Holocene ice-sheet melting. Geophysical Research Letters, 37, L17705

Audrey Bamberg, Yair Rosenthal, André Paul, David Heslop, Stefan Mulitza, Carsten Rühlemann & Michael Schulz
Central waters of the North Atlantic are fundamental for ventilation of the upper ocean and are also linked to the strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). Here, we show based on benthic foraminiferal Mg/Ca ratios, that during times of enhanced melting from the Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS) between 9.0-8.5 thousand years before present (ka) the production of central waters weakened the upper AMOC resulting in a cooling over the Northern Hemisphere. Centered at...
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