Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr, and He isotopic composition and hydrocarbon gases in rocks and minerals from the Markov Deep, Mid-Atlantic Ridge rift valley, supplement to: Savelyeva, G N; Bortnikov, Nikolay S; Bayanova, T B; Ikorsky, S V; Kamensky, I L (2008): Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isotopic systems and captured He and hydrocarbon gases as markers of melt sources and fluid regime under which the oceanic crust of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was formed at 5°-6°N. Geokhimiya (Geochemistry), No 8, 803-817

G N Savelyeva, Nikolay S Bortnikov, T B Bayanova, S V Ikorsky & I L Kamensky
The paper presents characteristics of the Nd and Sr isotopic systems of ultrabasic rocks, gabbroids, plagiogranites, and their minerals as well as data on helium and hydrocarbons in fluid inclusions of the same samples. Materials presented in this publication were obtained by studying samples dredged from the MAR crest zone at 5°-6°N (U/Pb zircon dating, geochemical and petrological-mineralogical studies). It was demonstrated that variations in the isotopic composition of He entrapped in rocks and minerals...
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