Grain size and chemical compositions of bottom sediments from the Amur Bay, supplement to: Polyakov, D M (2009): Geochemistry of the accumulation of metals in bottom sediments at the Razdol'naya River-Amur Bay marginal filter: I. Pelite fraction. Geochemistry International, 47(1), 58-66

D M Polyakov
Composition of clay minerals in the <0.001 mm size fraction from the uppermost layer of bottom sediments in the northern Amur Bay was determined by X-ray powder diffraction analysis, and enrichment of 33 elements in the <0.001 mm and <0.01 mm size fractions of surface sediments from a number of sites at the marginal filter of the Razdol'naya River were studied by ICP-MS. Fe, U, and chalcophile elements occur in the highest concentrations in sediments...
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