(Table S1) Relative abundances of coccolithophore taxa in surface sediment samples from the Equatorial and Southeastern Pacific, supplement to: Saavedra-Pellitero, Mariem; Flores, José-Abel; Baumann, Karl-Heinz; Sierro, Francisco Javier (2010): Coccolith distribution patterns in surface sediments of Equatoral and Southeastern Pacific Ocean. Geobios, 43(1), 131-149

Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero, José-Abel Flores, Karl-Heinz Baumann & Francisco Javier Sierro
This study aims to contribute to a more detailed knowledge of the biogeography of coccolithophores in the Equatorial and Southeastern Pacific Ocean. Census data of fossil coccoliths are presented in a suite of core-top sediment samples from 15°N to 50.6°S and from 71°W to 93°W. Following standard preparation of smear slides, a total of 19 taxa are recognized in light microscopy and their relative abundances are determined for 134 surface sediment samples. Considering the multivariate...
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