Stable isotope analysis of Porites coral core from the Andaman Islands, supplement to: Rixen, Tim; Ramachandran, Purvaja; Lehnhoff, Laura; Dasbach, Dorothee; Gaye, Birgit; Urban, Brigitte; Ramachandran, Ramesh; Ittekkot, Venugopalan (2011): Impact of monsoon-driven surface ocean processes on a coral off Port Blair on the Andaman Islands and their link to North Atlantic climate variations. Global and Planetary Change, 75(1-2), 1-13

Tim Rixen, Purvaja Ramachandran, Laura Lehnhoff, Dorothee Dasbach, Birgit Gaye, Brigitte Urban, Ramesh Ramachandran & Venugopalan Ittekkot
North Atlantic climate variations are reflected in sedimentary records from the northern Indian Ocean in which two basins, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, are strongly affected by the monsoon. Contrary to the Bay of Bengal the Arabian Sea plays an important role in the global marine nitrogen cycle. In its mid-water oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) bioavailable fixed nitrogen is reduced to nitrogen gas (NO3- - > N2), whereas oxygen concentrations are slightly...
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