Pliocene/Pleistocene benthic foraminiferal abundances from six drilling cores, supplement to: Hayward, Bruce W; Kawagata, Shungo; Grenfell, Hugh R; Sabaa, Ashwaq T; O'Neill, Tanya (2007): Last global extinction in the deep sea during the mid-Pleistocene climate transition. Paleoceanography, 22(3), PA3103

Bruce W Hayward, Shungo Kawagata, Hugh R Grenfell, Ashwaq T Sabaa & Tanya O'Neill
Twenty percent (19 genera, 95 species) of cosmopolitan, deep-sea (500-4000 m), benthic foraminiferal species became extinct during the late Pliocene-Middle Pleistocene (3-0.12 Ma), with the peak of extinctions (76 species) occurring during the mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition (MPT, 1.2-0.55 Ma). One whole family (Stilostomellidae, 30 species) was wiped out, and a second (Pleurostomellidae, 29 species) was decimated with just one species possibly surviving through to the present. Our studies at 21 deep-sea core sites show widespread...
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