Palynology on a profile from the Krusné Hory Mountains, supplement to: Jankovská, Vlasta; Kuneš, Petr; van der Knaap, Pim Willem O (2007): 1. Fláje-Kiefern (Krusné Hory Mountains): Late Glacial and Holocene vegetation development. Grana, 46(3), 214-216

Vlasta Jankovská, Petr Kuneš & Pim Willem O van der Knaap
Site details: The raised bog Fláje-Kiefern (50°429N, 13°329 E; 760 m a.s.l.; size ca. 500x500 m) lies in the Krusné Hory Mountains (Erzgebirge), Czech Republic, about 10 km from Georgenfelder Moor in Germany. Hejny and Slavík (1988) described the phytogeographic region of the Krusne Hory Mountains as 'a region of mountain flora and vegetation, with thermophilous species largely missing. In the natural forests, conifers, especially spruce (Picea excelsa) prevail. The deforested areas have been converted...
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