Annual variations in composition of the North Dvina River water, supplement to: Shevchenko, Vladimir P; Pokrovsky, Oleg S; Filippov, Alexander S; Lisitzin, Alexander P; Bobrov, Vyacheslav A; Bogunov, A Yu; Zavernina, N N; Zolotykh, E O; Isaeva, Alexandra B; Kokryatskaya, Natalya M; Korobov, V B; Kravchishina, Marina D; Novigatsky, Alexander N; Politova, Nadezhda V (2010): On the elemental composition of particulate matter of the Severnaya Dvina River (White Sea region). Doklady Akademii Nauk, 430(5), 686-692

Vladimir P Shevchenko, Oleg S Pokrovsky, Alexander S Filippov, Alexander P Lisitzin, Vyacheslav A Bobrov, A Yu Bogunov, N N Zavernina, E O Zolotykh, Alexandra B Isaeva, Natalya M Kokryatskaya, V B Korobov, Marina D Kravchishina, Alexander N Novigatsky & Nadezhda V Politova
New data on elemental composition of particulate matter from the North Dvina River are presented. In May (period of snowmelt flood) it is similar to the upper layer of the continental crust due to active erosion of crust material in the catchment area. In August (summer low water period) impact of biogenic components increases and elevated concentrations of Cd, Sb, Mn, Zn, Pb, and Cu are observed. At other seasons no significant increase in heavy...
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