K-Ar ages of basalts from islands of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, supplement to: Grachev, A F; Arakelyantz, M M; Lebedev, V A; Musatov, Evgeny E; Stolbov, N M (2001): New K-Ar ages for basalts from Franz Josef Land. Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, 3(1), 79-82

A F Grachev, M M Arakelyantz, V A Lebedev, Evgeny E Musatov & N M Stolbov
New K-Ar age determinations of basalt samples from three drill holes and outcrops on the Franz Josef Land suggest that flood volcanism throughout the archipelago fits in a very narrow age interval (116±5 Ma). For 95% of the samples we studied, age scatter is within analytical uncertainty. New data on basaltic bulk-rock, trace element, and REE compositions point to mantle plume affinity for Early Cretaceous magmatism on the Franz Josef Land, which preceded the onset...
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