Composition of basalts from the Romanche Fracture Zone, supplement to: Kashintsev, Georgy L; Shreider, Anatoly A; Maksimochkin, V I; Bulychev, A A; Gilod, D A (2008): Transtension and alkaline magmatism of the Romanche Fracture Zone. Geotektonika, No 4, 85-92

Georgy L Kashintsev, Anatoly A Shreider, V I Maksimochkin, A A Bulychev & D A Gilod
New magnetometric, petrological, and geochemical data on basalts from the central Romanche Fracture Zone allow to classify these rocks into two groups. Igneous rocks from the active part of the fracture zone that have undergone transtension are referred to alkaline rocks. According to some indications, they are younger that oceanic tholeiites of the southern fault-line ridge, which were affected by elevated pressure in the past. These data indicate with a high probability that the Romanche...
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