Occurence of ostracoda and foraminifera in Mainz Basin, supplement to: Gebhardt, Holger (2003): Palaeobiogeography of Late Oligocene to Early Miocene central European ostracoda and foraminifera: progressive isolation of Mainz Basin, northern Upper Rhine Graben and Hanau Basin/Wetterau. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 201(3-4), 343-354

Holger Gebhardt
Central European marine to brackish ostracod and benthic foraminiferal phenetic similarities between seven areas have been calculated (Jaccard index) for the early Chattian, late Chattian (Late Oligocene) and Aquitanian (Early Miocene) time slices. The results demonstrate the existence of three (micro-) faunal palaeobiogeographic units: a northern unit, the Upper Rhine Subprovince (URSP for Ostracoda; or Upper Rhine Area, URA for Foraminifera; encompassing the Mainz Basin, northern Upper Rhine Graben and Hanau Basin/Wetterau) and the Western...
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