Late Albian foraminiferal carbon and oxygen isotope data and biostratigraphic datums from ODP holes 171-1050C and 171-1052E, supplement to: Petrizzo, Maria Rose; Huber, Brian T; Wilson, Paul A; MacLeod, Kenneth G (2008): Late Albian paleoceanography of the western subtropical North Atlantic. Paleoceanography, 23(1), PA1213

Maria Rose Petrizzo, Brian T Huber, Paul A Wilson & Kenneth G MacLeod
A late Albian-early Cenomanian record (~103.3 to 99.0 Ma), including organic-rich deposits and a d13C increase associated with oceanic anoxic event 1d (OAE 1d), is described from Ocean Drilling Program sites 1050 and 1052 in the subtropical Atlantic. Foraminifera are well preserved at these sites. Paleotemperatures estimated from benthic d18O values average ~14°C for middle bathyal Site 1050 and ~17°C for upper bathyal Site 1052, whereas surface temperatures are estimated to have ranged from 26°C...
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