Abundance and biomass of bacterioplankton in waters of the Kara Sea and the Ob and Yenisey Rivers, supplement to: Mitskevich, Irina N; Namsaraev, Bair B (1995): The distribution of bacterioplankton in the Kara Sea in September 1993. Oceanology, 34(5), 641-645

Irina N Mitskevich & Bair B Namsaraev
Bacterial cell number in the water column of the Kara Sea and estuary areas of the Ob and Yenisey Rivers was determined in water samples collected at 32 stations at depths from the surface to 200 m. The samples were analyzed by direct microscopy. In most parts of the sea microorganism concentrations ranged generally from 103 to 104 cells per ml and their biomasses from milligrams to tens of mg/m**3. Bacterioplankton concentration of river waters...
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