Late Cretaceous ostracods recorded from ODP Hole 113-689B, supplement to: Majoran, Stefan; Widmark, Joen G V (1998): Response of deep-sea ostracod assemblages to Late Cretaceous palaeoceanographical changes: ODP Site 689 in the Southern Ocean. Cretaceous Research, 19(6), 843-872

Stefan Majoran & Joen G V Widmark
Twenty-six deep-sea ostracod species are described from the late Campanian to late Maastrichtian of ODP Site 689 in the Southern Ocean. Three are described as new: Cytherelloidea megaspirocostata, Agulhasina sudoceanica and Pennyella foveolata. Correspondence analysis identified three faunal sample groups. The first is mainly characterised by A. sudoceanica, Kirthe sp. and Cytherella sp. This is replaced, first temporarily (between c. 71 and 69 Ma) by a group mainly characterised by Argilloecia spp. and C. megaspirocostata,...
275 citations reported since publication in 1998.
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