Chemical and isotopic compositions of sediments and some minerals from the Derugin Basin, Sea of Okhotsk, supplement to: Derkachev, A N; Nikolaeva, N A; Mozherovsky, A V; Grigorieva, T N; Ivanova, E D; Pletnev, S P; Barinov, N N; Chubarov, Valerii M (2007): Mineralogical and geochemical indicators of anoxic sedimentation conditions in local depressions within the Sea of Okhotsk in Late Pleistocene-Holocene. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya, No 3, 3-33

A N Derkachev, N A Nikolaeva, A V Mozherovsky, T N Grigorieva, E D Ivanova, S P Pletnev, N N Barinov & Valerii M Chubarov
The paper reports specific mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of deposits from local depressions of the Derugin Basin. They were formed in an environment with periodic changes from oxic to anoxic conditions and show evidence for presence of hydrogen sulfide in bottom waters. Deposits of this type can be considered as a modern model for ancient ore-bearing black shale associations. Compared with typical metalliferous black shale sequences, which are characterized by high contents of organic matter,...
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