Organic properties of sediments and amino acids in iterstitial waters of ODP Holes 111-677A and 111-678B, supplement to: Kawahata, Hodaka; Ishizuka, Toshio (1989): Organic properties of sediments and amino acids in interstitial waters from the flank of the Costa Rica Rift, galapagos spreading center (ODP Sites 677 and 678). In: Becker, K; Sakai, H; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 111, 215-225

Hodaka Kawahata & Toshio Ishizuka
The basement at Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 677 and 678 originated from the Galapagos spreading center of the Costa Rica Rift and has moved about 200 km over the last 6 m.y. (Fig. 1) (Shipboard Scientific Party, 1987, 1988; Scientific Drilling Party, 1987). Sediments about 300 m thick cover basement so young that basal sediments at Sites 677 and 678 have been reheated up to 60∞-70∞C at Site 677 and altered to limestone and/or...
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