Age and chemical composition of volcaniclastic rocks from the Sea of Japan, supplement to: Emelyanova, T A (2008): Petrogeochemical features of Oligocene - Early Miocene volcaniclastic rocks of the Sea of Japan. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya, 27(4), 63-71

T A Emelyanova
Petrographic and geochemical studies showed that Oligocene - Early Miocene volcaniclastic rocks from the southern part of the Sea of Japan are ascribed to high-potassium aluminous rocks of sub-alkaline volcanic series from active continental margins. A comparative analysis revealed spatiotemporal relation of Oligocene - Early Miocene subaerial volcanism of the Sea of Japan with Late Cretaceous and Eocene - Early Miocene ignimbrite volcanism of the East Eurasian margin. This allows to refer the volcaniclastic rocks...
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