Sr/Ca and stable isotope records of Diplora strigosa coral sample BON-9-A from the east coast of Bonaire, supplement to: Giry, Cyril; Felis, Thomas; Kölling, Martin; Scheffers, Sander R (2010): Geochemistry and skeletal structure of Diploria strigosa, implications for coral-based climate reconstruction. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 298, 378-387

Cyril Giry, Thomas Felis, Martin Kölling & Sander R Scheffers
Geochemical tracers incorporated into the skeleton of reef-building corals are ideal proxies for reconstructing environmental parameters of ambient seawater such as temperature and salinity at subseasonal resolution. However, validation concerns of these environmental proxies due to the complex skeleton of some tropical Atlantic corals have hindered such coral-based environmental reconstructions in this region compared to the tropical Pacific. In order to identify complications associated with the complex skeletal architecture of the massive brain coral Diploria...
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