Stable-isotope ratios and accumulation rates of four firn cores from the Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, supplement to: Fernandoy, Francisco; Meyer, Hanno; Oerter, Hans; Wilhelms, Frank; Graf, Wolfgang; Schwander, Jakob (2010): Temporal and Spatial variation of stable-isotope ratios and accumulation rates in the hinterland of Neumayer station, East Antarctica. Journal of Glaciology, 56(198), 673-687

Francisco Fernandoy, Hanno Meyer, Hans Oerter, Frank Wilhelms, Wolfgang Graf & Jakob Schwander
Four firn cores were retrieved in 2007 at two ridges in the area of the Ekström Ice Shelf, Dronning Maud Land, coastal East Antarctica, in order to investigate the recent regional climate variability and the potential for future extraction of an intermediate-depth core. Stable water-isotope analysis, tritium content and electrical conductivity were used to date the cores. For the period 1981-2006 a strong and significant correlation between the stable-isotope composition of firn cores in the...
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