Stable oxygen and carbon isotope data for planktic and benthic foraminifera from southern Atlantic of DSDP Hole 74-525A and ODP Hole 113-690C, supplement to: Friedrich, Oliver; Herrle, Jens O; Wilson, Paul A; Cooper, Matthew J; Erbacher, Jochen; Hemleben, Christoph (2009): Early Maastrichtian carbon cycle perturbation and cooling event: Implications from the South Atlantic Ocean. Paleoceanography, 24(2), PA2211

Oliver Friedrich, Jens O Herrle, Paul A Wilson, Matthew J Cooper, Jochen Erbacher & Christoph Hemleben
Published stable isotope records in marine carbonate are characterized by a positive d18O excursion associated with a negative d13C shift during the early Maastrichtian. However, the cause and even the precise timing of these excursions remain uncertain. We have generated high-resolution foraminiferal stable isotope and gray-scale records for the latest Campanian to early Maastrichtian (73-68 Ma) at two Ocean Drilling Program sites, 525 (Walvis Ridge) and 690 (Weddell Sea). We demonstrate that the negative d13C...
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