Composition and age of igneous rocks from the Vityaz Ridge, supplement to: Lelikov, Evgeny P; Tsoy, Ira B; Emelyanova, T A; Terekhov, E P; Vashchenkova, N G; Vagina, N K; Smirnova, O L; Khudik, V D (2008): Geological structure of the submarine Vityaz Ridge within the seismic gap area (Pacific slope of the Kurile Island arc). Russian Journal of Pacific Geology, 2(2), 99-109

Evgeny P Lelikov, Ira B Tsoy, T A Emelyanova, E P Terekhov, N G Vashchenkova, N K Vagina, O L Smirnova & V D Khudik
Results of geological research carried out by V.I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute (Far East Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (Russian Academy of Sciences) on the submarine Vityaz Ridge during Cruise 37 of R/V Akademik Lavrentyev in 2005 are discussed. Various rocks composing the basement and the sedimentary cover of the ridge were dredged in three areas. Based on isotope geochronology, petrogeochemical, petrographic, and paleontological data and comparison...
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