(Table 1) Chemical composition of volcanic rocks from the Mariisky sequence and extrusive vent rocks of the Mary Cape, Schmidt Peninsula (North Sakhalin), supplement to: Simanenko, V P; Rasskazov, S V; Yasnygina, T A; Malinovsky, A I; Chashchin, A A (2007): Early Cretaceous volcanic rocks and Early Cenozoic extrusions of Cape Mary, Schmidt Peninsula, North Sakhalin: Geochemical study. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1, 265-275

V P Simanenko, S V Rasskazov, T A Yasnygina, A I Malinovsky & A A Chashchin
Early Cretaceous volcanic rocks of the Mariisky sequence and Early Cenozoic extrusive-vent rocks of the Mary Cape are exposed at the most northwest of the Schmidt Peninsula, North Sakhalin. In chemical composition, all the rocks are subdivided into four groups. Three groups include volcanic rocks of the Mariisky sequence, which consists, from bottom to top, of calc-alkaline rocks, transitional calc-alkaline-tholeiite rocks, and incompatible element-depleted tholeiites. These rocks show subduction geochemical signatures and are considered as...
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