Composition of the argillite sequence, continental slope of the Sea of Japan, supplement to: Vashchenkova, N G; Gorovaya, M T; Mozherovsky, A V (2009): Composition and age of the argillite sequence (sedimentary cover of the continental slope, Sea of Japan). Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya, 28(3), 53-63

N G Vashchenkova, M T Gorovaya & A V Mozherovsky
The argillite sequence located at the base of the sedimentary cover on the continental slope of the Sea of Japan was studied by petrographic, palynological, and X-ray diffraction methods. Two spores-pollen complexes were distinguished in it: the Late Oligocene reflecting cooling and the Early Miocene corresponding to initiated warming. Data obtained indicate that the sequence is composed of terrigenous silty-clayey sediments that accumulated in shallow coastal-marine settings. The global sea-level rise at the Early-Middle Miocene...
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