Abundance and composition of Fe-Mn nodules and host sediments in the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Skornyakova, Nadezhda S; Andrushchenko, Polina F (1968): Iron-manganese nodules from the central part of the South Pacific. Oceanology, 7, 779-793

Nadezhda S Skornyakova & Polina F Andrushchenko
Data on internal structure, distribution, and chemical composition of iron-manganese nodules from the central part of the South Pacific are reported. Nodules with relatively high contents of Fe, Ti, Co, and Pb were found. Formation of these nodules in pelagic regions of the ocean with low sedimentation rates is tentatively ascribed by the authors to leaching of Fe, Mn, and some minor elements during submarine lava outflow and to geochemical mobility of these elements. The...
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