Chemical composition of bottom sediments from the Discovery Deep, Red Sea rift zone, supplement to: Baturin, Gleb N; Kochenov, A V; Trimonis, Egidius S (1969): Composition and origin of iron-ore sediments and hot brines in the Red Sea. Oceanology, 9, 360-368

Gleb N Baturin, A V Kochenov & Egidius S Trimonis
Hot brines in depressions of the central Red Sea contain thousands of times more iron, manganese and other metals than . After removal of salts, approximately half of sediments from these depressions consists of iron hydroxides and they are enriched in zinc, copper, lead and molybdenum. Hydrothermal deposits with the same complex of metals, located along the coast of the Red Sea, are correlated with faults and may be due to occurrences of Tertiary volcanism....
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