(Table 3) Boron and chlorine in atmospheric moisture and rain water collected on the shore of the Golubaya Bay in 1970, supplement to: Bruevich, Semyon V; Korzh, Vyacheslav D (1971): Boron exchange between the sea and the atmosphere. Oceanology, 11, 345-351

Semyon V Bruevich & Vyacheslav D Korzh
Boron and chlorine were determined in rain water and in atmospheric moisture condensed in a "Saratov" refrigerator. Ocean is the main source of boron on the earth surface. Boron evaporates from the ocean and enriches atmospheric precipitation: B/Cl ratio of ocean water (0.00024) increases by factor of 10-15. Assuming that the average Cl content in global river runoff is 7.8 mg/l and boron content 0.013 mgl, B/Cl ratio in this runoff is 0.0017. The average...
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