(Table 1) Carbohydrates in different sediment types of the Central Pacific, supplement to: Artem'ev, Vladlen E (1970): Carbohydrates in the bottom sediments of the Central Pacific. Oceanology, 10, 508-513

Vladlen E Artem'ev
Total contents of carbohydrates were determined in samples of natural sediments of various genetic types. Analyses were made on board. Deep-sea pelagic sediments (red clays of various types including zeolite clays, and also radiolarian and carbonate oozes) were the main types of sediments studied. Contents of carbohydrates in pelagic oozes of the Central Pacific ranged from 214 to 1605 ppm, averaging 602 ppm of air-dried sediment. Organic matter of the group studied is a diagenetically...
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