(Table 1) Activity of strontium-90 in waters of the Northeast Atlantic at the end of 1965 and the beginning of 1966, supplement to: Baksheyeva, I P; Zemlyanoy, A D; Markelov, V N; Nelepo, Boris A (1971): Radioactivity of the water of the Northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Oceanology, 11, 861-867

I P Baksheyeva, A D Zemlyanoy, V N Markelov & Boris A Nelepo
In 1965-1966 R/V Mikhail Lomonosov conducted studies on concentrations of artificial radioactive products in the Northeast Atlantic. Concentration of strontium-90 at the end of 1965 and the beginning of 1966 was higher than the average level for the ocean and reached about 53 dpm/100 l in the surface layer. The most intense transport of artificial radioactive products out of the Irish Sea was detected in the northern and northeastern directions along the Hebrides and the...
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