Component composition and benthic foraminifera in sediments of ODP Leg 112, supplement to: Oberhänsli, Hedi; Heinze, Peter-M; Diester-Haass, Lieselotte; Wefer, Gerold (1990): Upwelling off Peru during the last 430,000 yr and its relationship to the bottom-water environment, as deduced from coarse grain-size distributions and analyses of benthic foraminifers at Holes 679D, 680B, and 681B, Leg 112. In: Suess, E; von Huene, R; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 112, 369-390

Hedi Oberhänsli, Peter-M Heinze, Lieselotte Diester-Haass & Gerold Wefer
Indicators of surface-water productivity and bottom-water oxygenation have been studied for the age interval from the latest Pleistocene to the Holocene at three holes (679D, 680B, and 68IB) located in the center and at the edges of an upwelling cell at approximately 11°S on the Peruvian continental margin. Upwelling activity was maximal at this latitude during d18O Stages 1 (lower part), 3, the upper part of 5, the lower part of 6, and 7, as...
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