(Table 1) Chemical composition of ethmodiscus oozes from the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Sval'nov, Vyacheslav N (1974): Ethmodiscus ooze in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Oceanology, 14, 700-703

Vyacheslav N Sval'nov
A study was made of mineral composition of sand- and silt-sized fractions of recent clastic (riftogenic) sediments and solidified deposits collected from the bottom of the Romanche Trench during the first voyage of R/V Akademik Kurchatov. Similarity between mineral compositions of sediments and bedrocks (ultrabasites, gabbroids, diabases) was established. This similarity is a basis for considering the mineral complex of the deposits that have been derived from the bedrocks of the trench slopes, and have...
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