Paleoclimate reconstructions from sediment core MD01-2378, supplement to: Sarnthein, Michael; Grootes, Pieter Meiert; Holbourn, Ann; Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Kühn, Hartmut (2011): Tropical warming in the Timor Sea led deglacial Antarctic warming and atmospheric CO2 rise by more than 500 yr. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 302, 337-348

Michael Sarnthein, Pieter Meiert Grootes, Ann Holbourn, Wolfgang Kuhnt & Hartmut Kühn
On the basis of the radiocarbon (14C) plateau-tuning method a new age model for Timor Sea Core MD01-2378 was established. It revealed a precise centennial-scale phasing of climate events in the ocean, cryo-, and atmosphere during the last deglacial and provides important new insights into causal linkages controlling events of global climate change. At Site MD01-2378 reservoir ages of surface waters dropped from 1600 yr prior to 20 cal ka to 250-500 yr after 18.8...
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