Composition of organic matter in deep-sea holoturians and host bottom sediments from the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench, supplement to: Bordovsky, Oleg K; Sokolova, Maria N; Smirnov, B A; Akhmet'yeva, E A; Zezina, Olga N (1974): Evaluation of the role of bottom fauna in the transformation of organic matter in sediments (with specific reference to the deep-sea detritus-feeders in the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench). Oceanology, 14, 128-132

Oleg K Bordovsky, Maria N Sokolova, B A Smirnov, E A Akhmet'yeva & Olga N Zezina
In 5 holothurian species of the Aspidochirota and Elasipoda orders concentration of organic carbon in alimentary canals due to selective feeding on the average is 7 times higher than in host sediments. Concentration decreases from the first section of the alimentary canal to the last. Intestinal contents are enriched with bitumens, in which amount of oils and resins increases, while that of asphaltenes slightly decreases from the first section to the last. It is conjectured...
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