Vertical variations in basic salt composition of interstitial waters from Pacific sediments, supplement to: Shishkina, Olga V; Pavlova, Galina A; Bykova, Valentina P (1973): Diagenetic transformation of interstitial water in the Japan Trench. Oceanology, 13, 527-531

Olga V Shishkina, Galina A Pavlova & Valentina P Bykova
Basic chemical composition of interstitial water in sediments of the Northwestern Pacific along a profile from the continental shelf of the Japan Trench to the ocean bed is discussed. Transformation of interstitial water in sediments rich in organic matter on the continental shelf and at the bottom of the Japan Trench is indicated. Variation in the vertical direction of elementary constituents of interstitial salt solution and variations in certain biogenic elements permit to make conclusions...
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