Chemical composition of soils and rocks from King George Island, supplement to: Blümel, Wolf-Dieter; Emmermann, Rolf; Smykatz-Kloss, W (1985): Vorkommen und Entstehung von tri-oktaedrischen Smektiten in den Basalten und Böden der König-Georg-Insel (S-Shetlands/West-Antarktis). Polarforschung, 55(1), 33-48

Wolf-Dieter Blümel, Rolf Emmermann & W Smykatz-Kloss
Both the olivine-hearing tholeiite basalts of the island and the brown soils which have developed on the basalts contain 2-20% of a swelling clay mineral. It emerges from chemical, optical, X-ray diffraction and differential thermal analytical studies that this clay mineral is a Mg-rich, Fe2+ and AI-bearing tri-octahedral smectite, e. g. Mg-saponite. Due to petrographic and crystal chemical properties the saponite should have been formed by hydrothermal alteration of the primary Mg-Fe-minerals olivine and clinopyroxene....
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