Tab. 1: U-Pb analyses of zircons from rock samples in MT. Newton and Cumpston Massif, East Antarctica, supplement to: Mikhalsky, Evgeny V; Belyatsky, Boris V; Roland, Norbert W (2009): New evidence for palaeoproterozoic tectono-magmatic activities in the southern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica. Polarforschung, 78(3), 85-94

Evgeny V Mikhalsky, Boris V Belyatsky & Norbert W Roland
We present new U-Pb zircon (SHRIMP) data on rocks from Mt Newton and Cumpston Massif in the southern Prince Charles Mountains. Our data demonstrate that Mt Newton was affected by a newly proposed Palaeoproterozoic "Newton" Orogeny at c. 2100-2200 Ma. Sedimentation, felsic volcanism (c. 2200 Ma), metamorphism and folding, followed by granite intrusion (c. 2100 Ma), suggest development of a trough or aulacogene in the area during the early Palaeoproterozoic. An orthogneiss from Cumpston Massif...
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