Tab. 1: Results of the movement measurements on the blue ice-field Blåisen, supplement to: Brunk, Karsten; Staiger, Rudolf (1986): Nachmessungen an Pegeln auf einem Blaueisfeld im Borgmassiv, Neuschwabenland, Antarktis. Polarforschung, 56(1/2), 23-32

Karsten Brunk & Rudolf Staiger
In January/February 1985 a German-South African expedition had the opportunity to repeat measurements made by means of stakes planted in 1951 (Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1949-52) and 1966 (SANAE VII). Although the rediscovery of the old stakes had not been expected, the stakes could be identified and it was possible to derive movement vectors on the basis of old and heterogenic measurement data.The long-term movement rates established basically confirm and complement the values determined in 1951....
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