Sedimentation rates and geochemistry of three cores from eastern tropical Pacific, supplement to: Lyle, Mitchell W; Murray, David W; Finney, Bruce P; Dymond, Jack R; Robbins, James M; Brooksforce, Kathryn (1988): The record of Late Pleistocene biogenic sedimentation in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. Paleoceanography, 3(1), 39-59

Mitchell W Lyle, David W Murray, Bruce P Finney, Jack R Dymond, James M Robbins & Kathryn Brooksforce
We have generated approx. 300 Kyr records of biogenic opal, calcite, and organic carbon (Corg) for three cores in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean and have compared the records to determine whether common periods of biogenic sedimentation have occurred throughout the region. We find that Corg has been deposited in common pulses throughout the area, while opal has a much more local pattern of variation. Calcite varies regionally, but the record is shaped...
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