Cretaceous ostracods of DSDP Hole 10-95 (Figure 2), supplement to: Damotte, Renée (1988): Ostracodes crétacés du forage 95, Campagne JOIDES 10, Golfe du Mexique. Cretaceous Research, 9(2), 159-170

Renée Damotte
The ostracoda fauna recovered from site 95, JOIDES leg 10, consists of Albian and Senonian species, some of which have previously been described from the southeastern United States. These are Cytherella aff. bullata, Brachycythere acuminata, B. cf. crenulata, Hazelina austinensis, Phacorabdotus texanus, Cythereis cf. caudata, Fossocytheridea cf. lenoirensis, and the following species referred to in open nomenclature: Neocythere? sp. 19, Aversovalva? sp. and Paracypris spp. The stratigraphic and paleoecological data derived from the study of...
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