Distribution of ostracoda in the lower Cretaceous succession of ODP Hole 80-549 (Figure 3), supplement to: Hart, Malcom B; Crittenden, S (1985): Early Cretaceous Ostracoda from the Goban Spur; D.S.D.P. Leg 80, Site 549. Cretaceous Research, 6(3), 219-233

Malcom B Hart & S Crittenden
Site 549 recovered a Lower Cretaceous succession which has been shown to include parts of the Barremian and Albian stages. Forty-four species of Ostracoda are illustrated and their stratigraphic distribution used to recognise three major facies units. An high diversity inner shelf facies earlier in the Barremian gives way to a low diversity, outer shelf facies, higher in the succession. The early Albian appears to indicate a return to an inner shelf fauna. The faunas...
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