Abundance and biomass of near-surface ichthioplankton in the Western Pacific, supplement to: Parin, Nikolay V; Gorbunova, Nina N; Chuvasov, Vladimir M (1972): Quantitative distribution of near-surface ichthyoplankton in the Western Pacific Ocean (based on hauls with a towed neuston otter trawl). Oceanology, 12, 894-899

Nikolay V Parin, Nina N Gorbunova & Vladimir M Chuvasov
During Cruise 50 of R/V Vityaz ichthyoplankton in surface waters was collected by a neuston otter trawl for many days in four study areas of the Western Tropical Pacific. Obtained results describe quantitative distribution of ichthyoplankton and small fishes in surface waters. The near-surface layer of the ocean (about 30-40 cm thick) can be considered as a special biotope, its population forms an independent biocoenosis - hyponeuston. Species composition of this community (particularly, composition of...
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