Organic carbon and oxidation in waters of the Norwegian Sea and Northeast Atlantic, supplement to: Skopintsev, B A; Romenskaya, N N; Sokolova, M V (1968): Organic carbon in the waters of the Norwegian Sea and of the Northeast Atlantic. Oceanology, 8, 178-186

B A Skopintsev, N N Romenskaya & M V Sokolova
Average total organic carbon concentration in the Norwegian Sea waters varies from 1.93 mg C/liter at depth of 10 m to 1.25 mg C/liter at depth of 2000 m, which is close to average values previously calculated from determinations made by the Marine Hydrophysical Institute at 19 stations in the Atlantic Ocean. The average carbon concentration in waters of the Northeast Atlantic adjacent to the Norwegian Sea is somewhat lower. Particulate carbon concentration, as determined...
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