(Table 1) Biomass of plankton in the Sea of Japan at Station VITYAZ6674, supplement to: Vinogradov, Mikhail E (1973): New data on the quantitative distribution of plankton in the deep layers of the Sea of Japan. Oceanology, 13, 904-907

Mikhail E Vinogradov
Vertical distribution of zooplankton biomass from the surface to bottom layers (3400 m) is examined. Material was collected layer by layer by a BR 113/140 net at 41°59' N and 133°37' E on July 2 and 3, 1970. Quantity of plankton below 1000 m was found to be much less than at corresponding depths in the adjacent regions of the ocean. This impoverishment is due to absence of oceanic bathypelagic animals in deep layers of...
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