Mineral concentration in sediment core HU92045-11P, supplement to: Hiscott, Richard N; Aksu, Ali E (1996): Quaternary sedimentary processes and budgets in Orphan Basin, Southwestern Labrador Sea. Quaternary Research, 45(2), 160-175

Richard N Hiscott & Ali E Aksu
The continental slope in Orphan Basin, northeast of Newfoundland, is underlain by several seaward-thinning debris-flow wedges alternating with acoustically stratified, regionally extensive, mainly hemipelagic sediments. d18O stratigraphy and volcanic ash layers in a 11.67-m core indicate that the uppermost debris-flow wedge formed during the last of several sea-level lowstands in isotopic stages 2–4. Similarly, seismic reflection correlation of dated levels at DSDP Site 111 with the Orphan Basin succession suggests that two deeper debris-flow wedges...
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