Toba Tephra across India, supplement to: Westgate, John A; Shane, Philip A R; Pearce, Nicholas J G; Perkins, William T; Korisettar, Ravi; Chesner, Craig A; Williams, Martin A J; Acharyya, Subhrangsu K (1998): All Toba Tephra Occurrences across Peninsular India Belong to the 75,000 yr B.P. Eruption. Quaternary Research, 50(1), 107-112

John A Westgate, Philip A R Shane, Nicholas J G Pearce, William T Perkins, Ravi Korisettar, Craig A Chesner, Martin A J Williams & Subhrangsu K Acharyya
A controversy currently exists regarding the number of Toba eruptive events represented in the tephra occurrences across peninsular India. Some claim the presence of a single bed, the 75,000-yr-old Toba tephra; others argue that dating and archaeological evidence suggest the presence of earlier Toba tephra. Resolution of this issue was sought through detailed geochemical analyses of a comprehensive suite of samples, allowing comparison of the Indian samples to those from the Toba caldera in northern...
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