Abundance of microzooplankton in surface waters of the East Atlantic and Mediterranean in August-September 1970, supplement to: Zaika, Viktor E (1972): Microzooplankton of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean off Northwestern Africa. Oceanology, 12, 408-414

Viktor E Zaika
Abundance of microzooplankton was studied from August to October 1970 in a ship laboratory using the method of concentration of water samples by filtration and then counting living organisms under a microscope. The main groups (in order of decreasing abundance) were as follows: infusorians, nauplii, copepodids, radiolarians, appendicularians, and some others (rotifers, worm and mollusk larvae). Concentration of infusorians rarely exceeded 100 #/l, possibly an underestimate. Nauplii often numbered 20 to 30 #/l. Study of...
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