Strontium-90 concentration in waters of the eastern Carribbean Sea, supplement to: Batrakov, G F; Eremeev, Valery N; Zemlyanoy, A D; Ivanova, T M (1977): Strontium-90 and vertical transport of admixtures in the Caribbean Sea. Oceanology, 17(6), 661-663

G F Batrakov, Valery N Eremeev, A D Zemlyanoy & T M Ivanova
Vertical structure of the strontium-90 concentration field and its relation to hydrology of waters are described on the basis of investigations in the Caribbean Sea during Cruises 6 and 7 of R/V Akademik Vernadsky (1972-1973). Vertical velocity and the coefficient of vertical turbulent diffusion are calculated for the eastern Caribbean Sea from strontium-90 concentration and salinity data.
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