Composition of bitumen in the organic matter of Black Sea sediments from DSDP Hole 42-379B, supplement to: Geodekyan, Artyom A; Chernova, Tatyana G; Ul'mishek, Georgy F; Bokovoy, A P; Fedorova, M S (1977): Bitumoids in the organic matter of Black Sea sediments (based on Deep-Sea Drilling data). Oceanology, 17(5), 536-540

Artyom A Geodekyan, Tatyana G Chernova, Georgy F Ul'mishek, A P Bokovoy & M S Fedorova
Bituminologic analysis of sediment cores from the Black Sea (water depth up to 2000 m, drilling depth up to 625 m) has revealed all components typical for fossilized rocks, viz. hydrocarbons, resins, asphaltenes, and insoluble matter. Proportions of these components, their composition and properties do not display any dependence on depth in hole and seem to be governed by composition of organic matter and conditions and degree of its transformation at early stages of lithogenesis.
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