Composition of palagonitized basalts, their alteration products, and palagonitized basaltic glasses, supplement to: Kashintsev, Georgy L (1976): Petrochemical aspects of the alteration of palagonitized basalts on the ocean floor. Oceanology, 16, 193-197

Georgy L Kashintsev
Detailed petrochemical and geochemical studies of two samples of palagonitized basalts collected from depths 3060 and 4800 m have shown that palagonitization of tholeiitic basalt is accompanied by intensive removal of Ca and Mg and some removal of SiO2 from rocks. Appreciable amount of K is added to rocks in this process. Behavior of Fe, Al, Ti, Cr, and Na is inert. Palagonitization of alkalic basalt is accompanied by loss of SiO2, Ca, and Na...
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