(Table 1) Fluorine concentrations in Pacific waters, supplement to: Kosov, Andrey E; Novikov, Pavel D; Krylov, Oleg T; Nesterova, Maria P; Litvinova, A F (1976): Potentiometric determination of fluorine in sea water. Oceanology, 16, 467-469

Andrey E Kosov, Pavel D Novikov, Oleg T Krylov, Maria P Nesterova & A F Litvinova
An express potentiometric method for determination of total and ionic concentrations of fluorine in sea water was developed, using a fluorine selective electrode as a sensor, with a lanthanum fluoride single crystal membrane. The minimum fluorine concentration measurable by the method is 0.2 mg/liter. Relative accuracy of determinations is +/-4% in 1 to 2 mg/liter fluorine concentration range. One determination requires no more than 20 minutes.
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