Geochemistry of rocks from Palmer Archipel, supplement to: Hoecker, Gerhard; Amstutz, G Christian (1987): Petrographie der mesozoischen Magmatite im Gebiet des Palmer Archipels (Antarktische Halbinsel) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von geochemisch-lagerstättenkundlichen Gesichtspunkten. Polarforschung, 57(1/2), 43-57

Gerhard Hoecker & G Christian Amstutz
During the antarctic summer season in 1984 and 1986 field studies and laboratory investigations of the Mesozoic Intrusive Suite of the Palmer Archipel were carried out in cooperation with the Chilean Antarctic Institute and the University of Concepcion, Volcanic formations and intrusive series are the dominant exposed rocks together with very subordinate metasediments. Different petrological and isotopic data allow to divide the Antarctic Intrusive Suite into two intrusive types: a) Palmer Batholith (Lower Cenozoic) b)...
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